Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Intense Mobile First Person Shooter

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For fans of the FPS genre waiting for Modern Warfare 3 (I’m one of them), Gameloft has a extremely well done nugget of battling goodness waiting in the app store called Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation (universal) to tide over their appetite. In fact, gamers might be a bit full after playing this one. And at $6.99, I say bon appetite.

For fans who enjoy a good story, they’ll be happy to know that the campaign mode features a legit storyline of apocalyptic proportions. One that has the player defending the freedom of the United States and starts with dropping the player smack dab into the middle of a grueling battle in the high rises of Los Angeles. From there, the story takes the gamer methodically through a 13-mission tour all the way to Pakistan. The gameplay is intense.

As for gameplay, gamers who are familiar with virtual d-pad touch controls will have no problem jumping right in and utilizing walk, crouch, fire, turn and zoom controls as well as two new additions, including slide and run. The run button is a nice addition for quickly getting out of the onslaught of bullets sure to wiz by. It’s also very welcomed addition while in online multiplayer mode.

Now, for gamers new to the mobile FPS genre, beware that the controls might be frustrating at first and don’t expect to skip through the battles without dying a few times. My recommendation is to get used to turning and shooting at the same time. Also, take cover with the crouch button on the lower left whenever necessary. When firing, pop off a few rounds at a time as rapid fire is less efficient when it comes to aiming.

Let’s get to the most important feature of the game, multiplayer. Yes. It’s awesome. On consoles, this is the only part of the game I play and I was coming into this mobile review with a bit of hesitancy. After a few minutes of gameplay, that hesitancy turned directly into pure enjoyment. The game reacts quickly, has a surprising amount of scenario detail and brings a level of intensity I rather enjoyed.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is an easy recommendation for FPS fans and for those who are looking for a quality gaming experience at a reasonable price.

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