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mobiloud wordpress appMobile usage is skyrocketing and now there is no better time to port your site to a mobile app. But that’s expensive, right? Where do I start?

Hello WordPress blogger … meet your new best friend Mobiloud. The “turn your WordPress site into a native iPhone and iPad app” service launched this week by London-based 50pixels. With the Mobiloud application builder, you, as a blogger can literally flip a switch and get your very own app … without coding or design skills. Better yet, it’s supper cheap with plans starting at under $50 per month. I dare you to go price shop having an app developed for you. We’re talking thousands.

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I’ll be taking the plunge with AppyHour, so all of you readers (you know who you are … mom, dad, etc.), you’ll soon be able to catch up on all the latest iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and Mac Pro pricing news on your smartphone.

I’ll be writing another post about my experience soon. In the mean time, here’s the full press release:


LONDON, June 28th, 2013 — Bloggers rejoice! London based startup 50pixels today launched Mobiloud (http://www.mobiloud.com), a product dedicated to transforming any WordPress blog into a full-featured, highly visible and costeffective mobile app. Mobiloud’s end product is a true native iOS app (with Android coming in August), so it comes with powerful user experience benefits web apps can’t offer, like push notifications, built-in content sharing, offline reading and support for mobile-specific ad networks. In short, bloggers get an app that looks and feels like it was custom built for just $49 a month.

“Mobiloud helps our customers build a very specific kind of app,” said Pietro Saccomani, CEO of Mobiloud. “We build content applications that allow our customers to get closer to their readers”. Everything is done on the Web, no coding ninja skills required. It takes less than 10 minutes for anyone to design and build an app. The process is fast and painless: sign up, design or upload an icon, pick from a range of backgrounds, customise UIs and colours — and boom — a preview of the app is generated on the spot. Content for the app will come straight from the customer’s site and includes articles, pages, as well as Twitter and Facebook posts.

There are now 67 million WordPress-based websites on the Internet. Besides blogs and online newspapers powered by the popular open source platform, Mobiloud is also a great fit for small businesses, consultants and startups using blogging as a way to keep in touch with existing customers and attract new leads to their businesses.

With mobile-based Internet usage expected to surpass desktops by 2014, people are moving to smartphones and tablets for most of their news reading. In this context, push notifications and an attractive mobile app can go a long way in helping blogs and businesses reach a wider audience and bring their readers back to their content time and time again.

“By having your icon — your own app — on users’ devices, you’ve got a very valuable spot, something our customers find much more valuable than a crowded email inbox” Alvise Susmel, CTO of Mobiloud said, comparing building your own app with the option of creating an email newsletter.

Anyone with a WordPress site can claim that spot with just $49 a month for an iPhone app, while an iPhone and iPad version with unlimited push messages is available at an additional $20 per month. Mobiloud takes care of push notifications and analytics on its side, with content pulled directly from the customer’s blog.

Popular blogs like iPhone Italia, Speckyboy, and DesignYouTrust are already touting Mobiloud’s fast app creation and customised results. iPhone Italia’s app, for example, netted over 30,000 downloads in its first week of availability.

About Mobiloud and 50pixels
50pixels is a provider of advanced mobile publishing solutions with offices in London, UK. Our Mobiloud application builder is a powerful and easy to use solution for bloggers, publishers and small businesses. With Mobiloud anyone can turn a content site into stunning apps in minutes, with no coding or design skills, and at a fraction of the cost any developer would charge.

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