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Mindjet App Organizes Thoughts for Clear Plan of Action

Minjet Mind MappingI am sometimes shocked at the amount of email I receive on a daily basis. I am also very surprised at the amount of news I read on a daily basis. With those two aspects of my life filling my head on a daily basis, sometimes outlining ideas is a necessary part of my daily life.

So my search for an app to organize my thoughts, collaborate and develop a plan of action lead me to Mindjet (iPhone $6.99 / iPad $8.99), which promises to to do all of it… in one streamlined solution.

But does it do what it promises? Yes. And then some.

Be it a brainstorm, strategy session, project collaboration or information mapping, Mindjet truly is powerful tool for visualizing. The maps you create can be synchronized directly to Dropbox as well as transferred to your Mac or PC for viewing with the desktop version MindManager. Dropbox is easily setup via the cloud tab on the lower righthand side.

To create a map, simply click the plus sign in the upper right, name the map, choose a map and select on or off to sync with Dropbox. The name of the cloud becomes your jump off idea so choose the name wisely, but of course, this can be changed at any time.

From here, Mindjet allows you to create child and sibling topics in one tap. Once you tap, arrows point you to where you can create a second icon. Then a dialogue box pops up for you to insert a new idea or topic, chance icon, color and shape. You can also add notes with or without links and the ability to show them as well as you can insert a a picture. These options make the details almost endless. Just double tap the idea if you do need to change something.

The Mindjet app is very feature-rich list of undo/redo, zoom, fold and unfold branches, auto-layout topics, rename, duplicate or assign colors to them, etc. makes this a must have for anyone looking to organized their thoughts and ideas into an easy-to-read organized mind map. Its integration of Dropbox is key to making this a must download app and at AppyHour.tv we’re very sure this will end up towards the front of your app lists. It’s the best visual information mapping software we’ve used.

Mindjet’s MindManager 9 for Mac is a Great Combo

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