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Milan City Guide for iPhone Makes you a Local

Milan City Guide iPhoneHello, my name is Greg and I have a traveling problem. Well, I don’t really consider it a problem, more of a passion. I’ve been to several different countries and I’ve always found that the clunky travel guides are just that, clunky. Not to mention, they pain “tourist” on your forehead.

If you’re headed to Milan, you need to check out the Milan City Guide app for iPhone. Of course, the good people at iMobile Softwares have a litany of other cities to choose from too such as Paris, Manchester, Liverpool, Naples, etc.

The one drawback of most iPhone travel guides is that they have to stay connected to the network, but Milan City Guide allows you to checkout all of the content offline, which is great when traveling out of country where you might not have a local connection and data could get really expensive. There are a lot of other great features too.

The Milan City Guide iPhone app first and foremost offers all the data stored in the app, so you can access it in the most remote places without charge. In addition, the app is really easy to use and provides a ton of POIs (points of interest) such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bars, cinema, pharmacy, museum, etc.

There are a few very handy features such as an all-in-one search function that searches all points of interest such as the street, place, type, etc. And when you do find what you’re looking for you can bookmark it for easy access later. Say you’re planning your day and don’t necessarily want to go to the location right this instant, you can bookmark it for later. Think about the bar hopping schedule you could bookmark.

The guide is very responsive and zooms in and out of the area very smooth and since all the data is stored on the mobile device, the Milan City Guide makes dragging the map around effortless. If you are connected to the network, the app allows you to display your current location, which makes finding directions much easier.

For $.99, the Milan City Guide is one of the best iPhone travel guides I’ve tested and will be definitely using it or one of the others depending on which city I travel to next.

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  2. I’m searching for a travel guide application for Milan, and this one looks good. Although I’ve already purchased 25 things to do in Milan by Rainbow Riders, I’m still keeping my options open for new Milan travel apps to make sure that I’ll be able to make the most out of my vacation ones I get there. Thanks for this post!

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