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Microsoft Office for iPad 2 is Essential Mobile Office App

Download Documents to Go Microsoft Office for iPadThe iPad revolutionized the tablet industry and the iPad 2 solidified Apple’s stronghold on the tablet market. As a mobile office geek, creating, saving and emailing documents is a must and that’s why it’s essential to have a Microsoft Office for iPad 2 app that does all the above. But which Microsoft Office app is the best?

If money is no object, then look no further than Documents To Go® – Office Suite – DataViz, Inc. – $9.99 or Documents To Go® Premium – Office Suite – DataViz, Inc. – $16.99 (you’ll want this one if you use Dropbox,, etc. I bought the first one then upgraded shortly after. Well worth it for Dropbox.).  I remember my first solo business trip with the all mighty iPad. I did mock sessions where I’d go to the coffee shop and pretend I was meeting someone important and run through all the apps I would need.

Sure, the note app works wonders, but what I needed was Microsoft Office for iPad 2 and this app is the best Office app for iPad, no question. The app allows the user to create, edit, save and email documents from Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as the iWork Suite). I think the best feature is its seamless integration of Dropbox.

If trying before buying is ideal then make sure to check out Documents – Free. The full version of Documents – Savy Soda is only $.99, but isn’t as robust as my favorite above. However, Ranked #1 in 40 countries, this is the ultimate free mobile office app. It allows editing and managing of spreadsheet and text files… while not as robust as most paid office suites for the iPad 2, this is a very good alternative and works both online and offline. The best thing about it is the option to synchronize files to Google Documents account and then be able to open the files on PC or Mac.

Microsoft Office for iPad 2, iPad and iPhone

What is your favorite iPad 2 office app? Answer in the comments below.

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