May 2014 App Revenue Report

“Show me the revenue report!”

I’ve been wanting to do a revenue report for some time now. Why I haven’t? Well, I’m not a big sharer of sensitive information. Welp, that’s about to change. I’ve recently made a goal to retire early. I’m 34 and need to get the passive income amped up and rolling in. To-date, I’ve been passive about my passive income, but I’ve been reading, researching, listening and just all around crushing it when it comes to putting knowledge into my brain.

So, it’s time to spill the beans about revenue and ramp this sucka up.

Total for May 2014 is $916.36 for App revenue on iOS and Android.

To give some background, I’ve halfhazordly developed apps since January 2013, when I made $41.15. Since then, I’ve launched a few apps, made some mistakes, had some triumphs and now, am (as I said above) committing to cranking up production.

Here is my last 17 months App stats broken down by in-app purchases (Total Rev) and Ad Rev (Total Ads) as well as downloads (iOS & Android):

The Breakdown
The Breakdown


  • $916.36 – May
  • $972.21 – April
  • $699.51 – March
  • $1,207.88 – February
  • $1,058.74 – January


  • $702.83 – December
  • $928.32 – November
  • $1,004.52 – October
  • $946.97 – September
  • $1,106.84 – August
  • (This is where I actually started creating more apps and switched to freemium)
  • $198.61 – July
  • $156.15 – June
  • $89.68 – May
  • $123.12 – April
  • $170.46 – March
  • $50.92 – February
  • $41.15 – January

As you can see, I made a sizable jump from July 2013 to August 2013. This is when I bought into a system by Trey Smith, founder of GameAcademy. He is a great mind in the app space and has made a system for people like me who don’t know how to code, but want to get in on the app game. I highly recommend checking out his site.

He’s in the elite group with the likes of Chad Mureta, Carter Thomas and Angela Hayes. All are crushing it and all I’ve learned a ton from. Here’s to putting all of the knowledge in practice and crushing it in the app biz!



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