Master the Disaster in Burnout CRASH!

Burn Out CRASH!Embrace road rage with Burnout CRASH! Totally remastered for iOS, Criterion Games brings you an outrageous new take on the much loved Crash Mode in this spinoff from the multi-award winning Burnout series. Cause huge pile-ups, mega disasters and more. Go ballistic in three combustible game modes, 18 traffic junctions, 54 events and six themed locations. Unleash devastating destruction and activate catastrophic super features that trigger road-shattering disasters like tornadoes, tidal waves, asteroids, and even UFOs. With Autolog, gamers can double the disaster with 1-on-1 smashups, destroy friend’s scores, engage in turn-based battles and see who can wreck the leaderboards.

Crash and burn by using intuitive swipe-and-tap controls to steer vehicles, trigger explosions and rack-up the points. Race against the clock in Rush Hour, stop traffic and cause huge disasters in Road Block, or indulge in pyromaniac tendencies in Pile-Up. Ready to Blow Stuff Up? Burnout CRASH! is now available

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