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MadPad Turns Any Sounds Into Music – Win PromoCode

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When John Lennon said, “Music is everybody’s possession,” he was talking about the thorny business of music publishing rights, but Smule‘s latest musical app takes Lennon’s words and flips them. Everybody’s possessions become music with MadPad – Remix Your Life HD, (sold separately for iPhone and iPod touch $.99).

In MadPad the user creates 12-frame sets comprising different sounds. Choosing a photo to represent each sound gives the set a pleasing, grid-like appearance.

What makes a set? Any type of recordable sound is fair game. The only limit to set creation is the user’s imagination. Once a set is made, it’s becomes a musical instrument. Tap each frame like a drum to play the sound recorded for it.

The user can speed up or slow down a particular frame with a touch gesture. Tweak the pitch and volume of individual sounds, or try creating a loop to establish a backbeat. It’s even possible to hide the images of each frame if you want to be surprised by the sounds you create.

Press record and the app captures song creation as video that the user can share to YouTube or save to Photos. Finished sets can also be shared via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

But wait, there’s more. MadPad doesn’t just rely on the user to create sets. Smule created more than 50 sets, plus the app allows users to access an impressive array of community sets made by enthusiastic MadPadders. Browsing these sets shows off MadPad’s fluidity as a creative platform.

It is possible to engage with the community sets, not just tap the frames to see what each sounds like. Users can download any of these available sets and then edit the volume and pitch, or create a loop.

As with Smule’s bonafide classic Magic Piano, which lets users listen in to any other user who happens to be playing around the globe, MadPad’s social component benefits both the active and the passive user. Regardless of which side of the equation one feels more comfortable, the app has something to offer.

MadPad is one of those apps that takes a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. Don’t despair if a early attempts at sets don’t generate a magnum opus.

In truth, MadPad is more of a parlor game than a method for serious musical creation, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from giving this slick, cacophonous toy a whirl.
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