Kyoki for iOS

Kyoki – The Ultimate Challenge for iPhone and iPad

Kyoki for iOSKyoki is now available for download on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and is a game that requires the user to flick, slide and swipe coloured counters until they’ve cleared the board. Trick shots, increasingly difficult levels and obstacles combine to make a potentially addictive game.

Pair off the different coloured counters to clear the table and progress to the next level. Each coloured, and split-coloured, counter has a different attribute. Fire a counter towards another counter by touching the counter and quickly wiping your finger across the screen in the direction you want the counter to go in. A short fast wipe will make the counters go fastest, while a slower longer wipe gives you more control.

There are 10 free levels and additional in-app purchases provide an 110 levels across four stages.

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