Kung Fu Fox HD Review

*Originally written by Greg Dawson for AppTudes.

Throwing stars and ninja kicks, that’s how Kung Fu Fox HD by iQin Mobile does it and I like its style. Ok, there are no ninja kicks involved in gameplay, but maybe that will be in a future update. I’m a big fan of physics-based puzzlers and this game does a really great job of refreshing the genre so it doesn’t seem like a “me too” version of what’s already out there.

The point of the game is to take out the practice dummies with the least amount of throwing stars. The more dummies the player takes out and the less they throw the bigger the score. Of course, it has a three-star point system like most, but the real gem of the game is how the player takes out the dummies.

Instead of just being a “here’s an object, take it out” game, Kung Fu Fox HD allows more interaction and in fact encourages it. For instance, there are some very difficult dummies to hit and probably impossible in some instances. However, the game integrate the usage of physically drawing lines so that the player can get those hard to reach places. It’s a lot of fun.

All of this practicing is not just for show. It is part of the story line that is about the tiny fox who is practicing an ancient skill that has been archived for thousands of years. What is it? Kung Fu drawing of course.
As mentioned above, this tiny fox uses the magic Kung Fu pen for the difficult dummies. Dig deep Danielson and wax on and wax off to find the inner drawing skills needed to conquer the world. Uh, I mean inner being and self so that less throwing stars can be thrown and more points can be scored.

Kung Fu Fox HD is a refreshing take on a genre that has far too many games in it and for that I’d say it’s a must add to anyone who loves Kung Fu, drawing and throwing stars. And for $4.99, it offers a lot of Kung for the Fu.

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