Just Survive Kicks Aliens Out of Space

20110603-040401.jpgIt’s Friday, Friday getting ready for the weekend, weekend. Now I have to play Just Survive, Just Survive. Alright, it doesn’t rhyme, nor do I wanna hear that song in my head for the weekend, but the Just Survive game is classic fun and I had to tell you about it before the weekend.

Now, hopefully, you’ll be enjoying the sun this weekend because you know I will. And yes, it’s Shorts or Not app weather. But I digress. Here we are, in the middle of post and all I’ve done is talk about me. I’m selfish. Here we go back to the point. Just Survive is a must buy. Oh wait, it’s free for a limited time so check it out and buy it. If you need more convincing, check out the rest of the post.

Do you like first shooting alien invaders? Do you like old school games like Centipede? Then Just Survive is for you. Upon launching the game you’re able to play immediately, check out your competition on the leaderboards, tutorial and options for sound an game controls.

The game is setup for you to jump right in so don’t bother with the options. After hitting play now you’re catapulted into an intense extraterrestrial battle that only the strong will survive. Literally. You’ll have to take advantage of the rapid fire button as well as the left and right controls.

For those of you who enjoy epic alien battles, Just Survive is the iPhone or iPad game for you. But don’t blink or you’ll be taken out by the hordes of aliens that want to take you down to their dungeon and make you their little wanker.

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