June 2014 App Revenue Report and App Outsourcing Tips

Show me the revenue report!

Well, June is in the books and I’m down a few hundo from $916.36 in May 2014 to $668.14 in June 2014. The good news is that there are a few reasons why It’s down. The biggest reason is that the last few months have been particularly busy in my day-to-day career of being an App PR / Marketing consultant. I’ve helped several companies launch apps and so my own development has suffered.

But there is a silver lining in this “woe is me” for not having enough time: OUTSOURCING. I’m finally starting to give up a lot of the day-to-day artwork and development of apps to my outsourcing team. A few short lessons on outsourcing:

  • Hire slow, fire fast: I’ve only hired artists and developers on Odesk and for the most part I’ve found some awesome people. However, I’ve found tons of duds. Do your homework on the person (high ratings, lots of hours, good feedback) and ask lots of questions in a Skype interview (what’s your favorite game / app, why, what experience do you have, are you available via Skype daily, etc.). You don’t have to be a complete personality match, but you have to like them or working with them will suck. Also, after you hire them, if they’re causing you 80% of your trouble … fire them and fire them fast. You will waste more money and time than you can imagine.
  • Cheap isn’t always good: Sure, we’re all trying to save a buck or two, but just because they say they were for $2 an hour doesn’t mean you’re going to get quality work. I’ve found that the average amount I spend tends to be $10+ per hour to get quality work. Sure, I spend a few more dollars, but I save in the long run because I don’t waste my time having to have them redo their work or worse yet having to fire them and hire again which again you waste too much time and money doing.
  • Milestones are a must: Some of my outsourcers have my full confidence and I just set it and forget it, but when you first hire someone you better set clearly defined milestones, i.e. “Send me your first design mockup of the first character by Friday” before moving forward with other designs. This gives you an idea of how the design will turnout before it’s too late and you get a jumbled mess of design crap back and then you have to fire them and you’re stuck with a bunch of crap you can’t use.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Firing is the answer to your problems, but it’s also a huge time suck to hire and fire so do your due diligence and hire smart first, set goals, check in regularly and you’ll be good to go.

However, if you don’t want to do any of the hiring and firing … check out http://angelasappservices.com. They manage everything … from design to ASO and selling quality source code to development. I just completed my first project with them and Jesse, the art department manager, was phenomenal throughout the entire process of artwork and development.

I’ve also just received first pass of artwork for two more games that I bought quality source code from Carter Thomas and the designs are top-notch!

Ok, enough on that. Here is a breakdown of my June 2014 App Revenue Report:

Total = $668.13

  • $6.30 – Xplode
  • $.01 – Admob
  • $172.88 – Applovin
  • $335.08 – Chartboost
  • $30.22 – Revmob
  • $123.65 – Paid and In-App Purchases

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