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Isle of Tune HD – Be Mayor of Music City

Isle of Tune for iPad*Originally appeared on AppTudes.

Music creation apps are all the rage as of late, especially on the iPad with apps like MadPad leading the way. Another great addition to the app store is the multi-award Isle of Tune by Happylander Ltd.

The app puts the composer in the driver seat, literally. Music is made building a town and when the car goes by an object such as a tree, home, sign or light post a certain sound plays. Most of the sounds are very similar to digitally enhanced musical notes. While the player can randomly place these objects, or instruments, anywhere on the screen for a random musical, the player can also create musical hits and masterpieces.

For instance, one look around current shared islands and the user will notice “Sunglasses at Night” by Corey Heart, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and various other well-known tracks. The player is really only limited by their own creativity or musical abilities. I wonder if anyone has Rick Rolled some unsuspecting island dweller yet.

One great feature is the ability to share the player’s musical island creations with others and earn ratings and Game Center achievements. Although, I’d like to see some Facebook, Twitter and YouTube integration as well.

With a recent update, players are able to add up to eight cars (or composers) with their own individual speeds as well as new sound effects and instruments with access to full keyboard mode. This advance mode really allows the composer to dial in specific sounds for the ultimate music track.

To create even more customizable songs, the update also allows for new controls such as setting road delays which ultimately allow for specific beat timing. Players also have access to over 125,000 islands already created using the online version for some musical inspiration.

For music enthusiasts who enjoy the intricacies of creating simple or complex tracks, Isle of Tune will provide hours, upon hours of addicting gameplay. Moreover, the fact that the game can be used to create, rate and share music makes this an easy recommendation to buy and try.

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