iPriorityMail Instant Email Notification Pop Ups

iPriorityMail Offers Instant Email Notification on iPhone

iPriorityMail Instant Email Notification Pop UpsI find it interesting that the iPhone iOS doesn’t offer pop up messages for the mail app as done effortlessly as¬†iPriorityMail. And as we saw on Monday, the iOS 5 Notification Center most likely won’t either. However, the importance of such an app is clearly evident.

Picture this, you walk into a potential client meeting and unbeknownst to you (because you don’t want to rudely check email) your assistant completely forgot to tell you an important aspect about your meeting that will inevitably change the dynamics of your presentation. Fortunately, you have the iPriorityMail instant email notification app that has discretely flashed a pop up message on your screen telling you the important information. You glance to look, note the update and go on to wow the client. Phew.

Now, that’s just once instance that it comes in handy. Just think of all the time you’ll save not checking your email every time you feel a vibration or hear a ringtone to notify you that Sir Baron Justice has a great deal from Madagascar for you. That’s the beauty of this app, you can simply look to see who the email is from, check the first line of the email and continue on to check read the entire message or let it go.

While downloading the iPriorityMail instant email notification app is free for the first month, there is a price associated with it of $.99 per month thereafter. This fee is very minimal if you calculate the amount of time you will save. No contract and can cancel anytime.

The app is customizable with the ability to setup parameters that specify the emails you want to receive. You can put a priority on a specific contact… say your boss… and once it comes through you’re instantly notified. Extremely helpful.

I would be happy if the capabilities if iPriorityMail stopped there, but it offers much more with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter integration. Flick the slider and you can launch directly to the actual app or Safari with Twitter and you can easily reply back. It even includes eBay notifications for all of you bid addicts.

The instant email notification app is compatible with IMAP or POP3 accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail as well as Yahoo! Plus POP3, but not Yahoo!’s free version. And along with it’s widespread use, it is also very secure. All data is encrypted and uses SSL by default to insure extra security.

The iPriorityMail instant email notification app’s compatibility with various email clients combined with its ability to automatically sync with your email accounts in a secure and safe way makes it a must download. Add in the amount of time you’ll save by skipping over unimportant emails and it makes it one of the top office apps for iPhone.

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