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iPhone 5 Shows Cupertino the Love with Intimate Media Event

Apple iPhone 5 CupertinoYesterday, AppyHour reported on the potential unveiling of the iPhone 5 on October 4. Today, AllThingsD has learned that the launch of the iPhone 5 might be in a small room in Cupertino on Apple’s campus. This is historically different as most media events have been in downtown San Francisco.

But why? Apple has a product plan for such events right? Maybe it’s a break from the norm so Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook can get to know the press. While the reasons behind the shift in venue are unclear, one thing remains certain, there is much hype around Apple’s latest tech-rific piece of magical gadgetry.

Of course, details of the yet-to-be revealed iPhone 5 have not exactly been shouted from the rooftops of Cupertino. Except for a botched bar mishap, the public knows very little or nothing for that matter about the handset. Most rumors and previous product announcements point to a faster processor and better camera.

However, what else is needed in an iPhone? How will the iPhone 5 be better than the iPhone 4? That question remains and the hope that all this hype is worth the wait is very high around the AppyHour studio.

What features / upgrades do you want for the iPhone 5? Put your suggestions in the comments below. We’re hoping for laser-toting bears.

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