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iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s? June or September? Do You Care?

new iPhone 5sLet me just say upfront that I think the iPhone is going to drop the number moniker such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s to a much simpler “iPhone” standard. Why not, the iPad did. Of course, who cares about the name? We just want to know WHEN it will arrive. The latest from a long line of industry speakeasy talk is that the iPhone 5 or just iPhone will come in June at Apple’s WWDC 2012. But most are pointing to a fall release sometime in September or October. What do you think?

As Corey Tate puts it over at,

“I favor the (totally unpredictable) yearly release theory of iPad release in the early Spring, new iOS at WWDC and the new iPhone 5 release in the Fall for two reasons: 1) from a PR perspective, Apple never goes too long without the next big thing for the interweb to speculate on. 2) From a production standpoint, Apple gets lots of breathing room to focus solely on single initiatives rather than ¬†too many overlapping items. The technology kiss of death is to take resources away from one item to focus on another item to try and release both on the same release date. Savvy technology peeps know better, and Apple is savvy like that.”

I think he has a valid point. It just seems unnecessary for Apple to launch the iPhone 5 in June, just months after the new iPad. Let people breathe… plus the iPhone 4s is a solid model. Not solid enough for me to upgrade from the iPhone 4, but with shooting laser abilities of which the iPhone 5 will have, I will definitely be upgrading.

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