Apple iPhone 5 Assistant

iPhone 5 Assistant is Jedi Mind Trick

Apple iPhone 5 AssistantYes, the force is strong… evidenced by the enormous amount of rumors surrounding next week’s alleged unsheathing of the iPhone 5.

The big news (according to a source who told 9to5Mac and TUAW) is the rumored Assistant function, or as we’re calling it, the Jedi Mind Trick function.

Beyond speaking your texts into existence, what else can this iPhone 5 Assistant Jedi Mind Trick do? Read our predictions after the jump.

  • Bring Steve back: Friend locator + iCal Appointment Assistant = “Locate Steve… Steve located… Insert appointment into Steve’s iCal for next hundred years… location – Cupertino.”
  • Order pizza: “Locate Pizza Schmiza… located… call … calling… order pepperoni with light sauce… on its way…”
  • Turn AppleTV on: “Launch Apple Remote… launched… Nextlix, recently watched… shall I play Sex in the City… uh, um, uh, um, that’s my wife’s show…”
  • Turn clock back to 1984: “Settings, clock, 1984 please… thought you’d never ask sir…”
  • Take dog for a walk: (Takes two phones… one attached to dog): Launch FaceTime, call dog, come on doggy, no, straight, ok, home, that’s a good boy…”

What else are we missing? Put your thoughts about what the new iPhone 5 can do in the comments below.

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