iPhone 5 Name Confirmed by Apple Search Result

Apple Search Result Reveals iPhone 5 MonikerIt’s almost official, the new sixth generation iPhone is coming up as iPhone 5 upon searching for the mobile handset on Cupertino-based Apple’s Website. The team at 9to5Mac discovered the potential gaff first. And yes, it’s probably an error on Apple’s part as they are historically very, very secret about their product announcements until after they’re actually shown at the event.

Just like others, I did the search and came up with the same “Apple Introduces the iPhone 5” press release link. Of course, it’s still giving everyone a 404 Error message so we’ll have to wait for a few hours as Apple’s iPhone 5 event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco isn’t for a few more hours.

As a side note, 9to5Mac also found references to the “new iPod touch with Retina Display” so I’m sure we’ll be seeing that as well today.

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