iPad Mini and Why You Want One

iPad Mini
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In my opinion, the original iPad was the biggest tablet breakthrough into the mass consumer market for many reasons … reliability, similar functions as iPhone, etc. I put off upgrading to the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad until recently, but now, there’s a new player in town and I want one. This is a post about the iPad Mini and why you want one.

First off, the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad were very useful upgrades, but not necessarily revolutionary. Sure, the camera was great and they are faster, but in reality, I stuck with my original iPad classic until just recently. But the iPad Mini has me more excited than the sure to come iPad 4. Here are a few reasons why the iPad Mini will likely become my favorite tablet and millions of others too.

  • Smaller is Better: I absolutely love my iPad and it’s my go-to mobile computing device because it’s lightweight, portable and easily connected to a BlueTooth keyboard. However, I find myself getting a bit irritated when reading books or magazines on the iPad as it just becomes too heavy for long periods of time. An iPad Mini and its likely 7.85-inch size and lighter form factor will be a welcomed addition to the family. It will most likely be my go-to media consumption device. Movies, books, very light email. Bigger than the iPhone and smaller than the iPad, the iPad Mini is just the right cup of porridge.
  • Price is King: I had no problem shelling out $499 clams for the original, but was a bit hesitant for the second $499 (actually $429 or so for BestBuy open box item) for the third-generation iPad. I’ll be damned to shell out another $499 for the iPad 4 … unless it starts making coffee. Regardless, expect the price to be lower than the iPad, let’s hope.
  • Apps Galore: My wife has a Kindle eReader (Black and White) and it’s great because she just likes to read. No apps, she uses her iPhone for those. Since I’ve had the iPad I’ve used it as my eReader, but as mentioned above, the bulkiness of the iPad makes it not so much fun for long reading sessions. I’ve check out the Kindle Fire, but I’ve bought so many apps through iTunes that it would be a shame to shell out money for a device that wasn’t compatible with what I already have. The iPad Mini will have access to all of my already purchased items … that will save me a bundle.
  • Educational Awesomeness: I have two kids. One who is able to use the iPad better than me and one who is closing in on becoming an iPad user. However, I find that the big factor of the iPad becomes cumbersome for the little ones who have a tough time holding the bigger device. Of course, my kids are under 3 years of age so this is specific to me, but think about older kids, even up into college. They will have a smaller, less expensive device that can handle all of their workloads without having to tote around the bigger device. The iPad Mini is even easier to port around.
So with it’s smaller lightweight and lightweight form factor, less pocket hungry entry price and access to a bustling App Store, the iPad Mini is going to buy one of the hottest Apple products yet. 




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