iPad 2 Price Drop Possibly in Works, Might Signal Intro of iPad 3

Could it be? Could their be a price drop for Apple’s iPad 2? According to Bloomberg, our friends in Cupertino recently dropped fourth-quarter orders for the magical tablet by 25 percent. Does this mean a price drop in order to get rid of inventory to get ready for the iPad 3?

What does this mean for the consumer? Hopefully, this means Apple is phasing the iPad 2 out in order to get ready for the iPad 3. Of course, the iPad 2 is doing so well that Apple doesn’t have to upgrade just yet, but Christmas is right around the corner and what better time to deck the halls, right?

Even more of a reason is the upcoming Amazon Kindle Tablet that has a rumored price of sub $200 and according to TechCrunch it’s going to be a big deal. So what better way to offer fans of the iPad 2 who simply don’t want to shell out an entry price of $499 with a $299 fire sale then introduce the new iPad 3 after the New Year.

I for one would love it as I’m due for an upgrade. What are your thoughts? Do you think the iPad 2 price drop will happen? When do you think Apple will launch the iPad 3? Post your answers in the comments below.

Guy Builds iPad 3 – YouTube

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3 thoughts on “iPad 2 Price Drop Possibly in Works, Might Signal Intro of iPad 3

  1. Due to the fact that inventory was reduced by 25% I would really like to hope that it indicates a price drop relatively soon. Definitely only to $399 though. Eventually the price drop will happen though I just hope it is on say Black Friday or before Christmas..

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