iPad 2 with Better Battery Life

iPad 2 Gets 32nm Processor and Improved Battery Life

iPad 2 with Better Battery LifeNew iPad 2 users who took the price drop to $399, instead of the new iPad, could be in for a real treat in the form of a longer cycle between charges according to a recent iPad 2 battery test by AnandTech. Of course, figuring out if you’re buying the new “iPad 2,4” unit, which replaced the previous “iPad 2,1” version isn’t going to be easy. You have to open the box and turn the device on. I don’t think Apple will let anyone peak under the hood.

So what is under the hood? A new 32nm Apple A5 SoC (short for better processor that doesn’t use as much power as the previous version). Feel free to check out all the minute details at the link above. It’s very thorough and definitely way past our geek speak spectrum. We just think the new processor is “awesome.”

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