iOS 6 Now Available for iPhone

iOS 6 for iPhoneEven though Apple’s Website says iOS 6 is coming soon, the good folks at AppAdvice saw that it was ready to go this morning. They also put together a quick video to recap what’s new, which you can find after the jump. All you really need to know is that there’s a different maps system, no more Google Maps, Siri now understands more languages and can pull scores and stats … great for us NFL fans and now Facebook is integrated throughout iOS. 

AppAdvice’s iOS 6 YouTube Video

Passbook and FaceTime
Another great update is that you can now share select photos with people you choose to via iCloud. Oh, and Passbook looks sweet too. It holds your boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards etc so no having to jam your wallet with all of those old school paper and plastic cards. You are now fully digital. FaceTime can no be used over your cellular network … well, only if you have Verizon. Bummer for we AT&T users. However, I still like data and voice at the same time so take that Verizon users.

Phone Capabilities
There are also a lot more phone capabilities so when you can’t get to an incoming call you can swipe up to reveal options such as decline, reply with message and remind me later. The respond with message action brings up a quick text such as “I’ll call you later,” “I’m on my way,” and of course, my favorite “What’s up?” You can also make custom messages.

Mail Updates
Mail has been redesigned for easier reading and writing and also lets you setup a VIP list, which I’ve started to use on the desktop version. It’s nice … pretty much like “important” on Gmail. There’s now a swipe down to refresh mailboxes action and now you can add photos while in Mail.

Check out all the details on Apple’s Website, including updates to Safari, Camera with Panorama, etc.

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