Instagram Version 1.8 Double-Tapping Goodness Photo App

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Instagram, the “fast beautiful photo sharing for your iPhone” app, announced version 1.8 today with several really usable updates for its 4.25 million users. Me being one of them. I’m kind of an addict. No really, I am. And so are my pic friends @runnergirltrain, @jtenn, @yoshi_aloha, @ryanerlandsen, @imapurrson, @katiejea, @moonsent, etc.

The biggest update, dare I say improvement (since Instagram is already pretty sweet), is the double-tap to like function. Literally, just tap twice and a little white heart imprints your fondness of that pic forever. It makes perusing and liking very quick and efficient. Plus, my big fingers miss the old like button sometimes so it’s double-tapping goodness.

Another fantastic feature is the autocomplete username function now integrated into Instagram. Now, my iPhone 4 already kind of did this, but didn’t always autocomplete the right name so I’m very glad to see this added. Simply type the @ sign followed by the first few pics of and a really simple dropdown menu appears with the name and tapping the name completes it. So goodbye to manually typing out names.

The new Instagram update brings interaction to the comments screen as well. Now, after tapping comment, a screen pops up where you can view all comments on the photo while also managing them i.e. deleting. Just tap on comment then on the gear icon in the top right corner. Swiping left or right does this as well.

The good peeps at Instagram said they made some speed and reliability improvements as well. If you don’t already have this app, be sure to download the photo app here.

Here’s one of my favorite pics from my photo friend @runnergirlpix. I absolutely love all the inspiring photos she shares.

Courtesy of @runnergirlpix.



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