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Meet Your New App Addiction – Infinity Field – Asteroids on Crack

infinity field iOSAt one point in your life, you will find something that impresses you so much that you want to tell the entire world. For me, at this point in my life, it is Infinity Field, the award-winning geometrical shape blasting masterpiece. Is it the definitive dual-stick shooter on the App Store? Yes, I would have to agree.

Chillingo and ForzeField know exactly what they’re doing and this iPhone and iPad game… scratch that… experience is packed with stunning sound effects, music, visuals, textures, particle effects, enhanced interface, and is fully optimized for the iPad 2. I felt like it was Asteroids on crack.

When you first launch Infinity Field you’re presented with two gameplay options, survival and campaign. You also can select the options tab to tweak game experience as well as the option to connect to Crystal to track scores, etc.

Survival contains six more mini modes, including infinity, insane, cruces, snake, unarmed and zombie. Each provides a different take on the survive-for-long-time genre.┬áIf you think you’re up for the challenge, I suggest jumping right into the infinity mode and get a tasty lick of some polygon blasting goodness.

Once you begin, gameplay mechanics are very intuitive and turning on pause is genius. All you have to do is lift your thumb off the movement stick. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a life trying to lift my finger and then push pause. This is a great feature. Also, note that you can shoot omnidirectional. As you move your orb around you can also move your firing path by moving your firing thumb around the pad. This is great for being able to take out a last minute back grubber before it gets you.

Steer clear from insane mode… unless you well, um, want to go insane. It’s so intense you’ll be sweating by the time you’ve lost all of your lives and you will in no time. Zombie mode is a really interesting twist in that you cannot defeat the shapes. You can only freeze them and then you have to wait until you get an atomic bomb to annihilate the entire frozen enemy front and then start all over again.

Infinity Field is by far one of my favorite games for its innovative twist on the survival genre. Its combination of intuitive, fun and mesmerizing gameplay make it an easy purchase for the iPhone or iPad. Or both.

[First appeared on AppCraver.]

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