India Finally Blessed with iPhone 4 via Aircel

Congrats to India for finally getting the iPhone 4 today thanks to Aircel.

Apple’s iPhone 4 hits store shelves in India on Friday, nearly a year after the next-generation version of the popular smartphone was rolled out worldwide.

Mobile phone carrier Aircel will launch the iPhone 4 on May 27 with a new pricing model, allowing customers to recover the upfront cost of the smartphone on select plans over 24 months, the company said in a press release.

Aircel will charge 34,500 rupees for iPhones with a 16 GB capacity and 40,900 rupees for the 32 GB model, it said.

[Source – International Business Times]

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2 thoughts on “India Finally Blessed with iPhone 4 via Aircel

  1. I think you’re a bit wrong. The image is wrong. As, airtel and aircel both have launched that brick in India. Aircel and Airtel are way too different.


  2. @Sanchita – Thank you for clarifying. A big oversight on our part. I’ve updated the image. Are you in India? Have you seen a “frenzy of sales” ???


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