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Order & Chaos Online, universal, is a fully realized 3D MMORPG developed by Gameloft. For gamers who are unfamiliar, an MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. This means players can meet each other online as avatars they create and do anything from completing quests to shooting the breeze.

Order & Chaos, $6.99, is critically acclaimed for its World of Warcraft style gameplay, effectively mimicking the world’s most popular MMORPG for the PC onto the iPhone. The level of freedom given to players include creating your own character type (human, undead, troll) and their armor and clothes. Since Order & Chaos is subscription based ($.99 per month with the first three months free) the game is designed to be a massive time sink. Providing addicting gameplay along with the ability to join friends for quests or just play around the massive world surrounding the player.

Although if the subscription fee isn’t your thing, we’ve got a couple suggestions – some awesome free-to-play MMORPGs that will have you wasting away the hours. Note: all the games on this list have in-app purchases.

The World of Magic – iPhone & iPod touch only – Free
Brought to gamers by Com2us Inc., The World of Magic brings a vast open world to players with old school style graphics. Unlike the pay-to-play model that Order & Chaos uses, this game charges players for in-game transactions that offer bonuses such as an expanded inventory. Like with all of these MMORPGs there isn’t necessarily an end goal, rather the game encourages players to do what they’d like. Be it gathering players to form a guild, or simply becoming a lone wanderer laying waste to any enemy that stands in their way.

Pocket Legends – Universal – Free
Pocket Legends gives gamers a very interesting decision to make. Here’s our game for free, play it and if you like it buy more content, but if you don’t you can just play the free bits. This interesting take has been matched with great success. Pocket Legends comes with a few areas for low level players to get a feel for, and decide if they like the game. Players are able to chat with other characters, and choose from one of three distinct animal type characters such as a bear or an eagle.

GraalOnline Classic – Universal – Free
CyberJoueurs brings GraalOnline: Classic to iOS. This game is great for those who love character customization. Nearly every bit of your unique character can be tailor-made to suit a gamer and their personality. The combat lacks depth – the social aspects outshines the fighting. GraalOnline allows players to create custom housing, giving them an even greater chance to meet up and hang out.

Buddy Rush – Universal – Free
Company 100 created Buddy Rush with one thing in mind. Buddies! The game requires a Facebook account then lets you slay monsters with your friends. The game features simple and easy to master combat involving the player’s character running through a “dungeon” and earning experience along the way. Fortunately, Buddy Rush isn’t exclusively for the iOS – gamers can hop onto Facebook from their computer and pick up the game.

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