iBomber Defense Pacific for iPhone and iPad

iBomber Defense Pacific App Flies High in Tower Defense Genre

iBomber Defense Pacific for iPhone and iPadI’ve always been a huge fan of the tower defense genre and so leapt at the chance to review iBomber Defense Pacific from Chillingo and Cobra Mobile. And boy was I not disappointed. The game’s graphics are superb and its gameplay trumps most tower defenses. And there is a ton of fun before tempted by in-app purchases to make defending your base easier.

From the get go the game offers an intense battle of strategy and perseverance mixed with a very nicely curated selection of weapons. Of course, my favorite was the very destructive cannon. However, it’s slow, so I found putting a machine gun next to it always helped. If you do fail, no worries, as there is a very handy rewind function that allows you to restart the current wave. Very useful if you come out of the gates swinging with the wrong selection of weapons.

You must use your wit to choose which weapons, how many and at what position to defend your base. While the above combo works well for the ground artillery, there are air raids throughout the game and they can only be taken out by the air guns. The problem becomes placing enough ground weapons to defend yourself while gaining enough points to buy air units. But that’s why tower defenses are so much fun… you have to use your strategic abilities.

To make defending yourself even easier, iBomber Defense Pacific awards you a certain amount of victory points based on your previous performance, i.e. how many points you scored, whether you achieved your secondary goal such as destroying supply boxes or protection additional base space. These points can be used to enhance aim, add more money to your pocket or start you off with a bomb or two. I really like that one and it’s very useful.

iBomber Defense Pacific is the perfect combination of strategy and action, creating one of the best new tower defense games on the App Store. And at only $2.99, it’s an easy recommendation as it’s packed with tons of intense gameplay.

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