helloalbums for iPad

Print Instagram and Facebook Photos with Helloalbums

helloalbums for iPadSure, digital images look impressive on the iPhone and iPad and yes I love the storage capabilities, but for me, there is nothing better than a good old fashioned print on the fridge or in an album. Helloalbums, by Conry Print, makes photo enthusiasts can share, print and ship photo alum’s directly from their iPad.

Helloalbums allows the user to share, print and ship a professionally printed photo book directly from their ipad. We love snapping pictures and using apps such as Instagram, but rarely do these photos leave our iPhones or Facebook. Helloalbums inspires the user to create fresh styled photo books with 8-10 photos. Share socially or order a professionally printed book treasuring your moments in paper.

The user can import photos from leading photography apps and create an entire album or just a few pages to share, save and print later. It also has unique features such as swiping photos in and out. Print out a few pages and hang them on the fridge, make a gift bag out of them, you could even make a hand made card by printing out only a spread. There are lots of possibilities.

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