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Green Day Revenge is Solid Tap Tap Addition [Review]

Green Day RevengeWhile I’m not one of the proud few to know of the underground success of Green Day’s Kerplunk album back in the day, I’m glad I caught the bug when I heard their new tunes “Welcome to Paradise” and “Basket Case” from the band’s major label debut, Dookie. One of my most favorite of the band’s tracks is “When I Come Around” and is not only part of their major debut, but is featured on the recently launched Green Day Revenge from app developer extraordinaire Tapulous.

The launch coincides with the release of Green Day’s new live CD plus bonus DVD Awesome as **** released by Reprise Records on March 22 and features explosive performances captured during the band’s 2009-2010 World Tour in support of their Grammy® Award-winning album 21st Century Breakdown.

Every time I see a new Tapulous app I know it is going to have killer tracks, intense gameplay and outstanding band artwork and Green Day Revenge surely delivers on all fronts.

When you open the app, you’re presented with two free tracks and a button that says get more songs. Clicking for more songs is an absolute must as you get a total of 10 songs… for free. Just these songs alone make this app worth over $10 and it’s only priced at $4.99. Seriously, where else can you get dang near a full album plus a fully loaded game for under $5? It’s a steal of a deal.

Now, for those of you who say there are too many music rhythm games, you’re right, there are. However, of those, there are only a few that deliver interesting content and great graphics all packaged into addictive gameplay and Green Day Revenge is definitely one of them.

For those of you hardcore Green Day fans, and whose not, the app features a photos section where you can checkout band pics. And of course, there is a download option to setup your iPhone’s background of you favorite bandmate such as Billie Joe Armstrong himself.

And for those socially addicted (like me) gamers, click on the social button to checkout the band’s tweets as well as setup your social accounts to share scores to Facebook, Twitter and email. Even better, is the integrated chat rooms that shares up-to-the-minute band information as well as allows fans to chat back and fourth about the new app.

Once I you’re done checking out band photos and setting up your social profile, I suggest diving right into gameplay where your basic role is to tap through the song list on easy, medium, hard and extreme modes. Let me tell you, the extreme mode is just that, extremely challenging. In fact, I tapped my little fingers away to “21 Guns” on extreme and the song, just under six minutes, nearly caught my fingers on fire from so much fast action. I scored a 97 percent and just over 690,000 points. Beat that, I dare you. I’m currently the high score.

Conversely, “Good Riddance” was not one of the easiest songs to master. You must have extremely fast, nimble and magical fingers to keep up with the intense track. My piddly 71,170 score and 82 percent accuracy with a streak of 17 will be balked at within the community I’m sure.

In conclusion, its solid song list offering combined with a complete and utter tap-ability makes this game extremely entertaining and a must buy. Again, I can’t stress enough, it’s more than just a game, it actually allows you to download 10 full songs for free and enjoy them within a gaming environment. If nothing else, use it as a juke box.

Green Day Revenge has no ESRB rating. The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store for $4.99.

The band’s new album can be download from Amazon.

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