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Great Leaping Lambrettinis is 80s LCD Game for iPhone

Great Leaping Lambrettinis iPhone iTunesYou ever wish you could go back to the 80s? Ya, me too. Think about those tubuler Casio watches with the LCD screens, hot pink rags and watching Tony Danza on “Who’s the Boss” … yah, those were the days.

Well, luckily, you can now with Great Leaping Lambrettinis for iPhone. By downloading this, you are literally speeding at 88 mph waiting for Doc to show up. It’s that great.

Gameplay on Great Leaping Lambrettinis is awesomely addictive, but obviously, it is limited in that it’s not some fancy new Angry Birds and no, it will probably not have a plush doll. However, you will find yourself trying to beat the game over and over and over again because its simplicity is refreshing.

When you launch the app, simply jump into Game A mode and you’ll find yourself trying to orchestrate hundreds of little Lambrettinis. They are the little black stick men you’re trying to have fall off one side of the game to flip and flip and flip over to the other side of the game.

At first glance, you’ll think to yourself how easy this is going to be. Fear not, you will crash and burn and game over will happen sooner than later as your hand-eye coordination will be tested time and time again.

After you start playing you’ll wonder to yourself who are these Great Leaping Lambrettinis?¬†They are a famous Italian circus artist family that allow you to rehearse their new and daring teeterboard act. However, the coordination among the Lambrettinis has yet to improve and its up to you to make there show more than an act.

Great Leaping Lambrettinis is not only a throwback to the 80s, it is a wonderfully designed game that will have you playing on the train, in the car and on the plane until you master the great art of the circus.

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