Grass Whisperer

Grass Whisperer Provides a lot of Maze Fun

Grass WhispererThe Grass Whisperer app is full of mazes where you follow Oliver who is a carefree little boy with great adventure looming upon him. But he can’t do it alone. This is where your kids come in.

Your son or daughter will have to guide Oliver through multiple ever-changing mazes to help him discover his destiny as the Grass Whisperer. Your kids will have a blast playing them as there is a narrated story as well as interactive moments such as when smoke fills the screen and they’ll have to shake the screen to clear it up and find their way out of the maze.

Growing up, I can’t tell you how much time I spent playing in my room or with my friends and taking on the challenge of an epic maze. I probably had a dozen different books just including mazes. I remember being at the doctor’s office taking on the latest maze challenge. Or the best part was creating different mazes for your friends and watching them struggle through to the end. The interesting part is that it was always a challenge to take on new mazes. It challenged me. It pushed my thinking beyond just normal games. It taught me strategic thinking and problem solving.

I think the best aspect of children’s apps these days are the educational portion of it. Sure, entertainment is great, but we want our kids to get something out of it and that’s exactly what Grass Whisperer does. It provides entertainment, but it also provides a story, some really interesting voices for the narration and a touch of problem solving with the challenge of finishing a maze with the overall goal of getting to town.

They can also try the practice mazes where Oliver, the hero of Grass Whisperer, Thandros, the fun-loving robot, and Borchik, the unintelligible strange shrieking concoction of a pig bird, teach you to become a maze master. The mazes always change so there is plenty of fun.

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