Finally – Google Maps for iOS Coming – Allegedly

google maps app for iOS iphoneTo be honest, I absolutely love the new Apple Maps for iOS, but I love the Google Maps app for iOS a lot better. It just worked and I never had a problem with it. So you’ll all be happy to know that the Google Maps app for iOS will be available tonight … probably around 9 p.m. pacific, according to All Things Digital who had an exclusive on the news.

Of course, it’s not official, but they have “sources familiar with the matter” according to writer Liz Gannes … and she’s not one to bring info to the masses that isn’t properly vetted. So I’m betting this one is true. And why wouldn’t it be? The Apple Maps app has been battered in the press and everyone and their mother has been wanting the Google Maps app back since it left.

The only problem I’ve had with Apple’s app is the search function seems to be a bit off. When I search for something that I know is local it pulls something up 500 miles away whereas when I had the Google Maps it seemed a bit smarter with this function and always presented the local info.

This didn’t happen every time with Apple, but enough to be annoyed. They do so much so well, but this one has been a bit off. Why not leave the maps to Google? I know, who wants their rival on their platform … but seriously, you should have waited until the Apple Maps app was perfect … like you do every time with a new product.

So, to those of you affected by “Mapplegate,” your time has come and hopefully within in the next few hours you’ll have a brand new Google Maps app that does exactly what it did before – work.


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