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Google+ iPhone App Adds Hangouts and More

Download Google+ Hangouts iPhone App Google+ did the inevitable, it grew and grew and grew. Now, it’s introducing more features that are sure to help it add more users to the social site. Such features include Hangouts, which allows users to video chat with up to nine friends while on the go.

Sweet, now I can show off my Venti Mocha Frappaccuino Vanila Soy McLatte. Of course, this is helpful only if the user is a Google+ user. I have the app, but most of my friends are still too lazy to switch from Facebook. And with Facebook’s new timeline features, which are pretty sweet, why would they want to?

Other new updates include renaming the Huddle feature to Messenger and now having it support photos. And iPhone users can now use the sweet +1 for comments with the flick of a finger.

Are you using Google+? Why did you sign up and why do you still use it? Add comments below.

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