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Get Outta My Galaxy HD, by Ookoohko Oy (universal) is much as the app description says, “an awesome 3D action game with puzzle elements”. At its core, Get Outta My Galaxy is a globetrotting adventure much like the game Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. PromoCodes contest info after the jump.

This game features a very basic story featuring the grumpy – although adorable – monster Waka. Life for Waka typically involves all the best pastimes for space monsters including naps, chewing on space rocks, and simply looking up into the void of space. That is until pesky annoyances called Wikus begin to invade Waka’s home. In his anger Waka roams around the planet finding, chasing and eventually smacking the Wikus off his home planets and back into space.

Players can control Waka via one of three control schemes: tilting allow players to use the accelerometer to reposition Waka, “stick” provides players with a virtual joystick and “touch”, which has players holding down on the screen to make Waka. Gamers will quickly find that each of these control options work very well and provide fluid and easy to enjoy gameplay.

The goal of Get Outta My Galaxy is to smack the Wikus off of Waka’s planet by tapping them. With every planet Waka manages to clear of Wikus, another planet always seems filled with Wikus just waiting to be smacked.

Players are timed at how fast they can help Waka clear out the planet of the pesky Wikus, which end up being recorded on a Game Center leaderboard. So players will be able to compete with their friends to be the best grumpy space monster in the Galaxy! Of course the Wikus have ploys of their own to keep Waka at bay such as camouflage, or even producing more annoying Wikus!

Overall Get Outta My Galaxy is a very solid package, with little it needs to improve upon. The only major issue with the levels was that at some point the Wikus seem overwhelming – the time spent smacking away the Wikus is slower than the rate at which the Wikus repopulate. As a result, some levels seem to go on much longer than they need too.

Aside from that Get Outta My Galaxy is more than worth its cost at $2.99 and is an almost essential app for any action game fans.
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