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Get 7 App Codes for $214 Each, Carter Thomas went Insane!

quality app codesI received the below email from Angela Hayes from AngelasAppServices and was quite intrigued … so much so that I bought the 7 App Codes within about a minute of reading her email and then watching the quick video Carter Thomas of Bluecloud Solutions put together. If you are looking for quality app codes that actually make money and have the proof to show it … definitely take a look at this pack. Think you only have a day or so left to buy.

Why I’m excited about it? Turnkey. I’ve been grinding away at quick, simple codes that really only make money via Ads and occasionally they make revenue via in-app purchases. The seven codes I just bought are making a killing on in-app purchases, which ups your revenue tremendously if the code works right. And based on the revenue reports … they do. Anyway, check out the email and links below for more info. If you do buy, good luck!

Email From Angela Hayes (rock frickin’ star of the all things Apps):

Carter has gone insane! We all Want App codes that earn money just for being good… But its even better when they are such a good deal.

Hey Greg

So if you don’t know Carter Thomas by now, he’s the owner of my favorite app code site.

And I’m going to tell you why I think he’s gone insane… lol

He’s selling a top notch source code pack with 7 apps in it for way less then I have ever seen. But I love carters style, he always find a way to bring people stuff they want for massive low prices. 

Let me tell ya about this… I have these types of codes in my companies and they kick BUTT for downloads and retention! These are the types of codes that make money on their own.

This pack of codes is from Carters friend,  Mike Leip. I have met Mike and he’s totally awesome. I spoke at an Event in San Francisco before Christmas and Mike was there. We chatted for along time and he was super informative and knew his stuff! That’s why I know these codes are perfect for you guys.

Mike, went from being a real estate guy to an app guy with millions and millions of downloads in a matter of a year!

I vote yes on buying his code pack.  Don’t miss this, I swear to you… good codes are hard to find. Mike’s a smart appreneur , and when smart people sell things that’s when you need to buy it!  If they are already doing it right, then you know you’re headed in the right direction when you have their product.  … he did it all for you!

Anyways guys, it works out to be like $214 a code and you get more then just code… So you see what I’m saying here right?  I buy crappy codes sometimes for that much, then I spend another 2k fixing them… haha I’m sure you have been there and done that before right? And its not fun. So don’t waste money buying crappy things when you can buy things that are clean and working in the store already.

Trust that Mike’s codes are perfection! And enjoy…please be smart and get these.  Even if you hold them, just get them!

SUPER APP CODE PACK:  https://www.productpay.com/p/-fu45q/u/45366/a/great  


HAVE IT DONE FOR YOU? We are 100% putting these codes on our reskin offer list, we would love to reskin these. Their just great to work with!

  • If you buy the codes and want to just pass them off to a team WHO KNOWS THE CODES, then we can reskin them for you, just head on over to our sitehttp://angelasappservices.com/turnkeycodes and check out our A+ reskin service. We offer Art and Programming…
  • We can offer 10% for ya with this promo code : 10OFF
  • And if you want to get ALL 7 reskinned in one POP! Then just talk to our art manager at reskinapps@angelasappservices.com and he can work out a special rate for you!
  • Why wait? It’s not like you have to do anything… that’s the best kind of work ever!

APP TIP: When getting an artists to reskin an app, always make them do at least 3 themes. It goes way faster when you do it that way, since they already know the template.  And then you have 3 apps instead of one.

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