Gap Pal Keeps Gadgets Safe, Secure and Easily Accessible

gap palNot again! You’re in your car waiting for an important call when you turn a corner and, Whoops! the phone slides into the crack and under your seat, out of reach. Is your center console so tangled with cords you can’t tell which one goes with which device? The solution is here: the Gap Pal ($29 Tablet Pals)¬†fits elegantly into the crack next to your seat and keeps all your devices securely within reach, while also organizing cables and coins for the tollbooth. Taking your eyes off the road even for a second can lead to an accident, and the Gap Pal not only prevents items from slipping under the seat, but also helps drivers keep their attention focused on the road.

The Gap Pal keeps items secure and close at hand.

The Gap Pal is made of water and stain resistant fabric to block spills in the car, and the sleek design complements your auto’s interior. Elastic straps in the front hold cables, headsets or notes. The Gap Pal works on both the the driver and passenger side, or even in the back to hold DVD remotes, headphones and music players.

The Gap Pal is available now in gray or black for a suggested retail price of $29.99. For more information, visit Tablet Pals.

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