GamesAid Raises Money

Over £12,000 raised for GamesAid during this year’s Eurogamer Expo

GamesAid Raises MoneyGamesAid, a UK games industry charity for children and young people, would like to thank the organisers and attendees for two of the biggest gaming parties of the year, held last week during the Eurogamer Expo.

On Friday 23rd September, over 300 members of the gaming industry made their way down from the Eurogamer Expo to The Pembroke in West Brompton, for a huge night of drinks, DJ’s and dancing. Generously sponsored by OnLive, Bethesda and NCsoft, A staggering £10,150 was raised for GamesAid through ticket sales and donations, and a fantastic night was had by all.

This was followed by an event hosted by Midlife Gamer on Saturday 24th September at O’Neil’s Pub and Grill in Earls Court. In attendance were the Midlife Gamer community, game publishers, developers and PR as well as game enthusiasts from all corners of the UK. All came to enjoy a night of celebration, socialising and charity support.A stunning £2000 was raised for GamesAid – smashing through Midlife Gamer’s target of £250!

Gamesaid midlife gamer cheque picture

The cheque presentation from Midlife Gamer can be seen above. The group sends a massive thank you to both parties for their huge support and donations this year to GamesAid!

Want to help? All fundraising donations are gratefully received here.

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