FX Photo Studio For iOS Is Fun And Nearly Fool-Proof

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Not only does FX Photo Studio By MacPhun (sold separately in HD for iPad $2.99) have one of the jauntiest icons in the App store, it’s also a great go-to application for photo editing that offers a sleek GUI which is both fun and easy to use. Thanks to a recent update the app is now compatible with both the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

Users can take a photo right from the app — the center of that multi-colored daisy houses a camera lens (or check out these AppTudes-approved iPhone camera apps). To work with an existing image tap the camera roll icon or import photo icon to add images to the app. FX Photo Studio is configured to download photos directly from Facebook, as soon as it receives user authorization. Not only does it access all of your photos, but it lets you edit any of your friends’ images as well.

Once the user has a photo ready to edit, it’s easy to browse through the app’s large number of effects. Although most of the effects are grouped by category, color splash, which adds a bit of the natural color back to a photo that has been turned black and white resides permanently in the bottom right hand corner. The rest of the effects can be reached by tapping the +FX button at the top of the screen. These range from artsy black and whites and über-popular hipstamatic-style filters to the ability to add flames or a teddy bear to an image, which is just downright funny.

The app definitely encourages both amateur and sophisticated photographers to experiment, which is one of the many reasons we’ve all fallen head-over-heels for our iDevices. I was particularly impressed with the way Pencil Paint 2 rendered my snapshot of a poppy into something reminiscent of an Art Nouveau painting in under 30 seconds. View the original photo on the left and the updated version on the right.

One of FX Photo Studio‘s best features is its undo arrow. The app lets you undo countless changes, even cropping, without a fuss.  So go ahead and try the flame filter on the portrait of your boss (ex, annoying neighbor) if you like because you can always change it back.

Users have the option to edit the preset effects, as well as to layer effects, which can generate an infinite number of possible combinations, though certainly not all of them are going to be attractive.

Images can be saved to the photo album, documents or clipboard, or wide variety of locations with a single tap including Facebook, Twitter, flickr, tumblr, Instagram, and email.

There isn’t a moment to lose. Start adding beautiful, artistic, or wacky effects to your photos today.

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