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Foursight is Next-Gen Chess and Checkers

Foursight app for iOSFoursight launched earlier this year and I’ve finally gotten around to playing it. Betwen Angry Birds and Mooniz, my time has been VERY limited. However, on a family trip down to Bend, OR last week I played a game of chess with my cousin making me realize the amount of dust that has settled on my strategy skills.

I’m much older and therefore wiser, right? Well, that’s what I thought until I heard the words “check mate” about 20 minutes into the game. I didn’t even see it coming. Naturally, I wanted to practice my chess skills and ran past Foursight again in the Apple App Store.

The goal of the game is simple. Score 4 points first. However, the strategy is not so simple since you control half of your oppenents scoring pieces and vice versa. This one aspect of the game automatically makes you play defensively and the only way to really take control of the game is to think like your opponent. Basically, it’s a game that you need to be in your opponent’s mind and be onestep ahead of their mind. Yes, you need to read minds.

There’s also an element of Connect Four as scoring four in-a-row, down or diagonally is your main strategy to win. To put a twist on scoring, you can also get three in-a-row four times over to win. This got me several losses because I was so focused on the computer oppenent not scoring four that I forgot about three in-a-row.

Besides being free, if you’re at all into games such as chess, checkers, backgammon, connect four or tic-tac-toe, you’ll definitely enjoy Foursight. It’s simplistic gameplay is freshing, but be warned that the easy to understand instructions are not without a highly engaging and thought provoking strategy. Those two elements make Foursight an addictive game that will provide hours of fun for your ride to work or with family and friends in a battle royale.

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