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Fling A Thing Brings Back Slingshot Memories – Win PromoCode With Comment Or Tweet

Fling A Thing for iPhone*Originally posted on AppTudes.

While I’m not ancient, I’m still old enough to remember when slingshots were popular. Way before mobile devices. Now, with Fling a Thingby Big Blue Bubble (iPhone iPod touch only) it’s like I’m in the backyard trying to hit whatever object my friends and I deemed necessary to try and take out. However, this game features a what seems to be a mud sucker type bottom feeder that has an addiction to bubbles.

While boxed in type games are usually a one and done since there’s not much to offer in regards to variety of gameplay, Fling a Thing offers several ways to keep the game interesting such as upgrading to better suction cup fling a things, unplanned level layouts and several powerups that allow the sucker to collect bubbles at a faster rate. Also, the player must physically climb to the next level, which offers several ways to either loose their turn or gain turns.

That’s right, there’s no clock. The game is based on turns so the less shots it takes to collect the balloons, the more turns the gamer has for the next round. As the player runs out of turns there are those bonuses I was talking about earlier like the +1 that adds a turn or really just cancels out the current turn. Other bonuses include a magnet, which when collected, allows the player to attack more balloons at once, therefore reducing the amount of turns.


There are stars that can be collected to purchase new flying things as well as new levels. The only drawback is that there is a hefty cost for the first upgrade and it takes quite a bit of time to collect the stars so as the game progresses players may become frustrated with the difficulty of the level and or unsatisfied with their current sucky thing. But fear not. Just keep swimming. Or flinging. If the gamer finds that patience is not a virtue then they can purchase stars through the in-app store.

As soon as I picked this game up I was hooked. Fling a Thing gives a good mix of difficulty and bonuses to help it not be too difficult for a very addictive combination. I found myself playing longer than expected and it was fun. Should be a nice addition to anyone’s app gaming library.


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