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fish out of water for iPhoneIf you’re at all familiar with Halfbrick … go download Fish Out of Water right now and skip the review. You’ll thank me since I just saved you a few minutes of your day from having to read my post below. If you want a bit more convincing, then know that this is one of the freshest new games to hit the App Store in a while. You probably won’t put your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch down for a while. Still here? Read on.

Fish Out of Water is a water-based physics environment that takes you back to the days of skipping rocks at the local watering hole. Only this time, you’re skipping fish. The game has the fluid motion of the developer’s Fruit Ninja swiping, but has a taste of Angry Birds action in that you have to throw fish, not birds, from one side of the screen to the other. Of course, you’re not after little piggies, rather you’re goal is to fling and skip the group of daredevil fishy friends as far as you can. But it’s not just about brute force.

You’ll be judged by a group of crabs, a.k.a. the Crab Crew. Now, if you know anything about sea creatures then you know that crabs are, well, crabby. So don’t expect them to score you throws perfectly every time. In fact, each fishy friend has a different set of skipping skills. For instance, the dolphin in Fish Out of Water is best thrown at a fierce straight trajectory as if you throw said fish to high it will dive too deep, hit the bottom and ruin your throw. However, the whale was made to fly high, hit the water hard and bounce up off the water again. With so much mass, it’s hard to sink the whale. You can tap on the various crab crew members to find out what they like … more skips, more distance, combo of both, etc.

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What really makes the game extra fun are making combos of “treasures” that give you different abilities, weather it be add extra points to your score, skips to your skipping total and much more. You’ll have fun discovering the different combinations. You earn treasures by completing achievements such as throwing each fish a certain amount of times. Of course, you can buy these Crystal Packs on via In-App Purchase, but they in no way hinder your fun if you don’t have them.

As for leader boards, you can create your own league for friends to join, join a friend’s or a random league to go head-to-head and try to beat other fish thrower’s scores. And it’s not all sunshine and flipflops. Storms with wind and rain can hinder your performance in this Fish Out of Water performance for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Overall, Fish Out of Water is a complete fishy blast and is a must download. It’s fluid game mechanics and original gameplay make for a fantastic fishy good time.

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