FirstWords Deluxe learning app

FirstWords Deluxe App is Word Learning Fun for Kids

FirstWords Deluxe learning appAs a Finalist for the BestAppEver Award: Toddler category, FirstWords Deluxe ($4.99) is a phenomenal reading game for kids.

Also, the latest update has added more words and support for phonics. FirstWords Deluxe provides endless fun for the toddlers in your life, all while giving your child a head start on learning their letters and learning to spell words.
FirstWords Deluxe is toddler-tested and approved, with a user-interface designed specifically for the littlest of fingers. The game includes 174 words, including 48 animals, 35 vehicles, 14 colors, 22 shapes and 55 words from around the house.

A wide range of options let you tune the game to match your child’s current skills and abilities. As the developer says, “If your child is old enough to ask for your phone, they’re old enough for FirstWords Deluxe.”

As a parent, this is a great app. In fact, we let our one year old daughter play with the app and found that she was very interested in the shapes and sounds that came out of the game. This provided a visual and audio queue for her to learn from. A one-two punch.

She really loved the colors tab that helped her spell out colors like tan, green, blue, etc. Us parents loved that the had the color in the bottom left. Although she’s one and doesn’t fully understand it, she did enjoy the differences in each color and the interactiveness of moving the letter tiles from around the board to the correct positioning. It did take mommy and daddy a bit of effort to help her out, which was ok because we love that sort of fun.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun game that you can help your child out with or let your more advanced child run wild with and have fun while learning, FirstWords Deluxe is the app for you. And at $4.99, it’s a pretty good buy.

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