First Spanish Words with Phonics: Learning Animals for iPhone

First Spanish Words with Phonics: Learning Animals

First Spanish Words with Phonics: Learning Animals for iPhone*Originally posted by Hannah on AppTudes.

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the US and an incredibly popular language option in most schools. First Spanish Words with Phonics: Learning Animals by Anlock (iPhone iPod touch only) is the first app to teach Spanish using phonics. Little linguists who are learning Spanish, are taught how to pronounce each letter, and then put them together to name their favorite animals.

Of course, there is more than one standard for Spanish pronunciation, so the apps provides both distinción and seseo. Distinción is the dialect used mostly in Spain and on television and radio, while seseo is the dialect spoken in Latin America. So, whichever the kids need to learn, this app has them covered.

Similar to Anlock’s other apps, this one presents a simple interface for children to follow. Once parents set the difficultly level, children can scroll through a number of animal icons and choose one to start. The app scatters the letters that make up the animal name and children must put them back in order. Once the order is set correctly, a native Spanish speaker enunciates each letter then proceeds to read the word.

First Spanish Words also provides three different hint alternatives: letter, color, and letter and color. This is a great feature because the app adapts to different ages and stages with varying difficulty settings.

There are a fair number of animal names to learn, and a very heavy emphasis on phonics and letter pronunciation. A bit more content would be be appreciated though. Also, some full sentences or phrases would be a nice addition and increase the shelf life of this app.

That said, Anlock is constantly working to improve their language apps, and there is no doubt good updates and more content will be coming down the pike soon.

For those who want to try the app in English check out our review here. The Anlock apps help kids get a head start with foreign-language phonics.

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