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FIFA 12 for iPad Combines Realistic Gameplay for Authentic Experience

FIFA 12 iPad*Originally appeared on AppTudes.

If there was a soccer game that when played immersed the player in an all out battle of will, perseverance and knack for strategic club management, it would be FIFA 12 for iPad.

The famed franchise, available on just about every gaming platform in existence, sets the bar for an extremely well done gaming experience every year. This year is no different and now it’s available on the iPad for the first time.

At first launch, I was greeted with a nicely done splashscreen graphic and a few license screens. After that FIFA 12 quickly loads into the main game menu. Here soccer fans can jump straight into manager mode to trade players, upgrade staff, scout for talent, play or simulate games and possibly collect trophies if they’re good enough.

I highly recommend trying this mode first as it gives a true real world experience – sans workout – with real players from actual leagues. There are over 22 officially licensed leagues, 500 licensed teams and more than 15,000 players. This should keep anyone enthralled in the world wide phenomenon known as soccer to some and football to many. Some of the top players include Kaka, Wayne Rooney and Gerard Pique. Furthermore, games are played in 32 real life stadiums for extra authenticity.

If short on time, then playing in the daily challenges will satiate an appetite for excitement, drama and potential glory in mini challenges such as trying to win a match with a penalty kick or scoring with a header from a cross.

Beyond game modes and graphics, the gameplay is nothing short of stellar. At first, I took it easy on the game engine and made easy passes, stuck with one player and didn’t make too many sudden or back-to-back moves. Once I got the hang of the intuitive controls, I was passing like a mad fool, switching players, tapping into the game’s built-in special moves and making fiercely fast movements. To my pleasure, the game remained smooth and only a slight hint of screen flicker was present after or during a replay of my amazing header.

If players find the controls to be a bit far apart on the iPad at times when trying to make multiple moves and keeping track of player positioning, there’s an app for that. One really great feature of this game is the free EA Sports Gamepad app, which turns the iPhone into a wireless controller. This is for two players only.

At a price of $9.99, soccer fans on the fence shouldn’t bat an eye as the combination of authentic players, teams and stadiums along with realistic gameplay makes FIFA 12 for iPad a must buy for any sports fan.

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