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Feed the Hippo HD for iPad*Originally posted by Tina on AppTudes.

Feed The Hippo HD, by Mondadori.it (sold separately for iPhone $.99) is an action packed fun game for all ages especially kids. The object of the game is to feed the hippos a variety of fruits within a certain time limit while avoiding the occasional obstacles.

As in real life, each fruit requires more or less effort in order to get it to the hippo. Players use their fingers to flick the fruits into the hippos’ waiting mouths. Players earn points for accuracy and remaining time left in each level. The game ends when time runs out and the hippos are still hungry.

The player only has one or two hippos to feed during the first few levels, but as the levels progress more hippos come to the feeding frenzy. The player must satisfy the hunger of all hippos on each level in order to progress further in the game. But, player beware. Flicking the fruit into hippo mouths isn’t as easy as it sounds. Hummingbirds and crocodiles try to keep the fruit from the hippos. Each obstacle can be thwarted, so players need to pay attention to the tips that flash across the screen.

Feed The Hippo has two modes of play, classic and blitz. Classic progresses level by level increasing in difficulty. Players need to score as many points as possible in a few short second when playing in blitz mode. Friends and family can play in blitz mode to see who can score the highest points. We did this at a recent family gathering and everyone had a blast. Preschool aged children where playing against their grandparents and everyone had fun.

Players will enjoy the cute, clear graphics of Feed The Hippo. The accuracy seemed a bit off though. The fruit doesn’t need to necessarily get into the hippo’s mouth to feed them. Slightly to the side or behind the hippo seemed to work most of the time. The music in the background was just the right volume as well as the sound effects. The more hippos in the level seemed to create a noisy distraction with no way of changing the sounds or music within the app.

Although not being able to turn off the sounds or music is a bit of a stumbling block for me, the game itself overshadowed it. It is a fun, finger flicking good game that keeps you coming back over and over again.
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