Epic War TD Pro for iPhone

Epic War TD Pro Is Tower Defense For The Serious Gamer – Win Promocode

Epic War TD Pro for iPhone*Originally posted by Chris on AppTudes.

Epic War TD Pro, By AMT Games (sold separately for iPad also $.99) is a fun and addictive sci-fi tower defense game for who don’t mind blood and bolts in their TD experience.

Like other games in this category, Sentinel 3: Homeworld and iBomber Defense, the object is simple. Players must build towers, upgrade towers and defeat wave after wave of enemy hordes.

Epic War TD Pro has many of the same features that other fixed path tower defense games have, but it executes better than most. Players have the ability to upgrade a tower’s attack damage, attack rate, range of attack and a special upgrade unique to the towers abilities.

The game has the typical turret, rocket launcher, multi-targeting laser, multi-targeting slowdown laser, and the “mega-missile” Each of the weapons has its own unique abilities.
The games graphics and sounds are what set Epic Wars TD Pro apart from many of the other in this genre. Each enemy is detailed and shines on the screen. Enemies can vary from alien insect-like creatures to huge robots, all with distinctive strengths and weaknesses. The music and sounds fit well. Each enemy and weapons have their own unique sound effects and add to the overall atmosphere of the game.

Epic War TD Pro’s interface is intuitive and responsive. Placing turrets on allowed terrain, upgrading weapons and scrolling on the map is effortless. The game’s enemy waves are randomly generated – each play-through is different from the last. The game includes 10 unique levels, five types of towers, 14 distinct enemies, Endless mode on each level, and there is both Openfeint and Game Center for bragging.

Epic War TD Pro is a truly addictive tower defense game that will appeal to new and veteran strategy gamers. Players will be up to the wee hours thinking “just one more level before bed”. With straightforward game design, four levels of difficulty and solid interface players will enjoy playing this one over and over.
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