ElectraJam Free iPad Music App

ElectraJam Allows for Three Man Band on iPad

ElectraJam Free iPad Music AppThere are plenty of free iPad music apps and one that is a lot of fun is ElectraJam by Adam Williams. Designed for simultanteous use by one to three people, this music maker is pretty sweet.

It incorporates a multi-touch synthesizer, thumping drum pad, turntables, crossfader and the background moves with the music. Speaking of the music, you can select hip-hop, drum’n’bass, electro, house and raggaeton to mix, match and boogie down.When you launch the ElectraJam app, you’re presented with the above mentioned music options and in the middle there is a disc/square multi-colored option to switch up the musical beat.

The interface is setup very easy to use and very intuitive. You literally only have to launch the app and then you can start jamming right away. Plug an output cord into your iMac for Garageband and I’m sure you can start recording your music creations too.

ElectraJam, free in the Apple App Store, is a great music app that can be used by just you or to jam with a total of three people. In reality, it’s perfectly setup for one person and is easy to move between instruments.

I bet you could put a few iPads on a couple of stands and startup your own home concert. In fact, I’m sure you could use this in a DJ style music battle of epic proportions. The house grooves are great… maybe DJ Tiesto might even throw down on this app to battle Armin?

Who knows, but all I can say is this a great, fun and easy to use app that is versatile, offers a lot of musical options and offers a lot of musical mixing options. Download ElectraJam for free.

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