Draw Something by OMGPOP for iPhone

Draw Something by OMGPOP is Insanely Addictive App

Draw Something by OMGPOP for iPhoneDraw Something by OMGPOP is the latest app craze that is literally taking over the world and rightly so as the most popular social drawing and guessing game in the App Store is addictive and provides hours of fun. Yes, it’s a must buy.

Even when it started to get popular and was getting all the buzz, I tried ignoring it. Then my family showed up and at one point my nephew, niece, sister, wife and friend were all playing it in the front room. It was odd. And it wasn’t anti-social. It was actually quite interactive because we were all in the same room laughing, busting each other’s chops about being able to draw and we were just having fun. It was like family board game night, except the board game were our iPhones and Android devices and the game was Draw Something.

It was so much fun we didn’t even have the television on. That’s weird. The major broadcasting companies had to share our screen time with OMGPOP. Regardless, the game is super easy to setup and even though there is a free version you shouldn’t bother with it because within a few minutes you’ll be so annoyed by ads that you will inevitably upgrade for the $.99 and get back into the fun.

It’s an easy game to play. You and your opponent get coins for drawing and guessing what the person, place or thing is. There are three layers of difficulty and each award different amounts of coins from one to three. The most difficulty are, well, super difficult and really push your drawing skills to the limit. There are also different colors and varying thicknesses of pencil to make the best picture.

Overall, Draw Something by OMGPOP is a must have social drawing and guessing game that will have you, your friends and family having a complete blast over and over and over… I highly recommend buying it.

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