Digital King iPhone Lenses

New Digital King iPhone 4 Lenses, Fish-Eye and Wide-Macro Combo

Digital King iPhone LensesThe good folks at CompuExpert, a North American distributor for high quality gadgets, have announced the availability of two new Digital King lenses for the iPhone 4. And trust me, they look legit. The Fish-Eye and 2-in-1 Wide/Macro lenses are made especially for the iPhone 4 and promise to “transform your phone into an amazingly versatile camera that delivers super-cool, creative shots wherever you are”. Your social network photo albums just got better.

Designed by Todo Seiko of Japan, Digital King lenses are designed to be very compact and easy to attach or remove. Each lens includes an exclusive, patented non-intrusive magnet mount to place around the iPhone camera aperture, providing a powerful yet safe and sturdy, shake-free hold between the lens and phone.

The 180 degree Fish-Eye conversion lens lets you capture a 180 degree angle view, or use the curved edges of the lens at the right camera angle to create a distortion effect. It’s the perfect lens for outdoor sporting events or creating your own unique view of the world. Turn your buddies into Bobbleheads! Capture all the excitement at sporting events! Get the perfect “awww!” shot of your Golden Retriever in his Halloween costume!

Featuring a 90-100 degree wide angle view with 0.45 magnification and a 25-40mm zoom with 4x magnification, the versatile 2-in-1 lens lets you snap some pretty wicked wide angle and macro shots with just a simple twist of the lens. Transform your gecko into a crocodile with the 4x magnification, and get everyone into the group shot at your high school reunion, both with the same lens!

Both lenses work with or without the flash on the iPhone 4, and each includes a snazzy carrying case that wasn’t knitted by your grandma. The 180 degree Fish-Eye lens is expected to be priced at $59.99, and the 2-in-1 is expected to be $49.99. Both will be available at retail starting today. Video Review of Digital King Conversion Lens with Magnet Mount for the iPhone 4

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