Diamonds Blaze for Android

Diamonds Blaze Reflex-Testing Puzzler App for Android Now Available

Diamonds Blaze for AndroidGame Insight announced today that Diamonds Blaze for Android is now available. The free to play arcade-style puzzle game will challenge players to solve the mystery of magical gems mined from the core of a fairytale world centuries ago.

By matching three or more gems of the same color, players can create huge, glorious gem combinations, triggering massive score multipliers that earn them millions of points and bringing them closer to their ultimate goal: acquiring a valuable magical artifact of their own.

While Diamonds Blaze will engage your inner match-3 puzzle skills, the game will also challenge players to think strategically about boost and tool gems that can be activated during the game to provide additional in-game effects.

Additionally, prior to starting the game, players can activate special powers to provide even more bonuses throughout each match. For players looking to truly test their skill, the game will offer a special blitz mode to push your reflexes in extra-fast gameplay. The intense simplicity and frenzied gameplay of Diamonds Blaze will have you matching gems in every spare moment!

Diamonds Blaze is free-to-play and available now on Android devices.

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